This Issue Update newsletter is part of a series that provides more information on each priority issue on the Alliance's 2024 Legislative Agenda. The Legislative Agenda is crafted annually in partnership with early childhood organizations that are advancing legislative policy solutions related to health, safety, food security, economic security, and early care and education. The priority issues were selected by the Alliance's 21 member Steering Committee.


Parent Child Center Network Integrated Grant: Increase Funding to Reflect Increased Costs

The members of the Vermont Parent Child Center Network (PCCN) are currently implementing changes required by an update made to their enabling state statute, which formalized their structure and partnership with the State of Vermont. The changes have brought additional administrative needs, as the PCCN continues this transition. PCCs have also seen significant increases in health insurance costs for their staff.

The Alliance supports PCCN’s effort to secure a base funding increase for PCCs of $721,945 to cover additional administrative costs, increased personnel costs, and move closer to the actual cost of providing services and avoid a reduction in service levels to our communities.

UPDATE: The Parent Child Centers have been meeting with legislators and testifying in relevant committees to bring their budget request to the legislature. The House Human Services Committee has decided to support only the health insurance portion of the PCCN request in their recommendations on the FY25 Budget to the House Appropriations Committee. We will continue to advocate for the full amount needed in the FY25 Budget to support the PCCN as they implement the new statute and stabilize their workforce.


Data and Talking Points

  • Parent Child Centers were a remarkable innovation when they were first created nearly 30 years ago, and they are still on the cutting edge of prevention work with vulnerable families.
  • The work that PCCs do helps families cope successfully with both the timeless challenges of all families with young children and the new challenges of the 21st century. 
  • PCCs are a critical partner with the state, providing essential state services to families with young children. 
  • PCC prevention programs and services build protective factors in families that improve families’ overall well-being, strengthen a child’s environment, and reduce the likelihood of abuse and neglect. 
  • 94% of parents receiving supports from Parent Child Centers reported feeling stronger and more confident as parents after working with a PCC

Lead Organization

Vermont Parent Child Center Network

The Vermont PCC Network includes 15 centers around the state that help families make sure children get off to a healthy start. Services include early childhood services, home visits to families with young children, playgroups, parent education, parent support, and information and referral.



Alliance Legislative Agenda: Weekly Issue Spotlight – Mini ECDL Roundup – 3/11

This winter, the Alliance is hosting virtual Weekly Issue Spotlights leading up to ECDL. Each session focuses on one or two issues from the Alliance’s 2024 Legislative Agenda. Joined by representatives from the lead organizations, participants can ask direct questions and hear a brief legislative update regarding the issues. 

The next session will be held Monday, March 11, from 3:30 to 4:30 pm, and will provide updates on the status of the issues on the Alliance’s ’24 Legislative Agenda as the Legislature passes the half-way point of their annual session.

Led by Matt Levin, the Executive Director of the Alliance, this session is a great opportunity to learn more about these issues, where they stand in the Legislature, and how to get involved.


The Vermont Early Childhood Advocacy Alliance is a statewide coalition formed in 2000 of early childhood professionals, parents, organizations, businesses, and strategic partners committed to improving public policies that impact young children between birth and age eight in the areas of health, safety, food security, economic security, and early care and education.

The Alliance crafts an annual Legislative Agenda in partnership with early childhood organizations, provides year-round advocacy support, and facilitates meaningful interactions with policymakers at key times during the decision making process.


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